Our Process for Existing Retirement Plans

Understand  Evaluate  Improve  Monitor

We work hard, to make things as simple as possible for you and your employees.  We strive to simplify costs through transparency and open architecture.  We aim to help you simplify administration through smart plan design.  Through diligent monitoring and education, we seek to help you simplify compliance.  Your future is the focus of everything that we do. 

Our Process

  • First, we listen to your concerns, then review and understand your needs and goals with you. 
  • Next conduct a complete review of your current plan to evaluate how well it is managing your needs and goals.
  • Then we help you determine whether modifying your existing plan or changing plans is the right option toward improving your plan.  We will help you understand plan designs, providers and investments to match you with a retirement plan that’s suitable for you.
  • We make modifying your plan or changing plans as easy as possible by assisting you with completing all forms and explaining the process to you in plain English.
  • Finally, we provide ongoing support, services, tools and education to you and your employees to assist you in pursuing your goals.  Including 1 on 1 personal meetings with your employees or group education meetings to help them understand the benefits of their retirement plan.  
  • In addition, we continue to monitor your retirement plan and investments to make sure they are working for you and help you to make adjustments as needed.

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